Updated plan from Happy Feet Studio for handling Covid-19


Here follows an extended overview and explanation of our plan to handle the new guidelines from the Danish Government. We have tried to include our reasoning and our sources, so you can have a look for yourself.

We hope that you find our plan reassuring, so you feel comfortable continuing with your dancing adventure. And we very much hope things can go back to being a bit more normal around 3 weeks from now (20/11), when the assembly ban of 10 people hopefully expires. 


Face masks (mundbind)

The good news in this regard is, that you will not need to wear a face mask while dancing.
The new rules states very clearly that face masks must be worn inside in public places but also that people don’t have to wear them while doing physical sports, like for example dancing. Source here.
So you will have to wear a facemask as you are coming into the studio, but as soon as the class begins, you can remove the mask should you want to. However, we would welcome anyone who would like to wear a mask while dancing, to do so.


Assembly ban (forsamlingsforbud)

The big difficulty for our courses is the new assembly ban on more than 10 people together – since that leaves only room for 8 students with 2 teachers.

However, the Government has released new guidelines for indoor sports, and in these guidelines they have added exceptions to the new assembly ban.

One exception is that you can have more than 10 people in a room, if these people are split up in groups that are kept separate and with distance between the groups.
Two quotes in Danish from the guidelines created by the ministry of culture (which can read be as a whole here):

“Indendørs aktiviteter kan foregå i flere grupper, så længe hver gruppe holdes under det gældende forsamlingsforbud, inkl. trænere, undervisere og lignende og grupper holdes indbyrdes effektivt adskilt igennem før, under og efter aktiviteten”


”Hvis der er flere grupper til stede i den samme hal, lokale, sal mv. skal det sikres, at der er tilstrækkelig afstand mellem grupperne, så de ikke udgør én samlet gruppe. Det kan fx ske ved, at området deles op i felter med klar afstand imellem hvert felt, så hver gruppe har sit eget felt”

One question we have had difficulty answering, is what “klar afstand” (clear distance) means. They haven’t specified it anywhere and when we called in, they referred us to DIF (Danmarks Idrætsforbund) who have been a partner in creating the guidelines.

We tried to contact DIF, but it has been difficult getting answers from them as well. However, in multiple Q&A’s created by DIF for their members, they state that groups must be separated by at least 2 meters. See here for an Q&A back when there was an assembly ban of 10 people in the spring, and here another Q&A from September.

So here is how we are going to handle it:

Savoy and Alhambra will both be split into 3 zones during classes. There will be a middle zone, only occupied by the teachers. And then there will a zone on either side of the teacher’s zone, in which 4-5 couples will be dancing. The teacher’s zone will create a barrier between the two student zones which will be quite a bit more than 2 meters in all places. Se pictures below for a better illustration.



In Savoy, we will create an entrance through the backdoor at the end of the room, for the students training in the zone nearest this door. So that they don’t enter through the front door.

In Alhambra, we will only use the two doors at the end of the room and people will use the entrance to the room nearest their zone when entering (people will still have to enter the studio through the front door).

If you have any questions regarding the restrictions or our plan, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@happyfeetstudio.dk

To join our classes which will continue next week, please reply to the email we sent you regarding the matter.

See you on the dance floor! ♥