COVID-19 guidelines for classes at Happy Feet Studio


• Regarding partner changing during classes: If you sign up with a partner, then you are welcome to not change partner of course. For everyone else, we will do partner changing in small teams of a few couples. The teams will be set up in the first class and you will have the same team the whole round - no jumping between teams.

• Our teachers will provide vocal and visual instructions during classes, but they will not be dancing with the students

•  If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you should stay at home until at least 48 hours after symptoms have disappeared.

•  Please do not arrive early for the lessons (max. 15 min before your class). We have created new time schedules for our classes, so that classes don’t start at the same time in the two rooms, but with a 15 min buffer. This is to avoid crowding in the hallway and entrance to the rooms. 

•  For the same reason, we would ask that you put your dancing shoes on inside the classroom – you can still leave your outdoor shoes in the hallway when you arrive

•  Please bring your own water bottle to the class. Our glasses and mugs will not be available for use. You can still fill up your bottle in our café though, or buy bottled water if you forget a bottle

•  You can use the changing room in our studio to change clothes, but our showers will be unavailable

•  Remember to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before and after the class. We will have hand sanitizer in each room

•  Every evening the studio will have extra cleanings where contact surfaces and bathrooms will be sanitized

•  We will limit the amount of students per class so that there is 2 meters between each couple

•  We will limit sitting spots in our café, so that seating is more spread out

• There can be max. 20 sitting people OR 10 standing people in the café – please help us keep the limit.


In general, we would like to encourage everyone to respect each other's boundaries.