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2 workshops with Manuel Goral from Argentina

6th January 2019 @ 11:00 - 14:30



Aerials Workshop



Manuel Goral from Argentina is back in town! He has visited Denmark almost every year for the last 8 years, and taught both in Copenhagen and Odense. 

Manuel will teach 2 workshops in the first week of January: 

1) Charleston Technique & Footwork Variations Workshop
Date & time: Thursday 3/1, 19.00-21.15 (2h with 15min break)
Price: 190kr
Location: Happy Feet Studio (Ørnevej 33, st, 2400 Kbh NV)
Level: At least half a year of dancing lindy hop

First hour:
We will work on Charleston’s technique – it is one area where instead of really dancing to it most people tend to guess and do it by heart. This will provide a set of skills that will help have a better understanding and control of these steps.

Second hour: 
Footwork party! The class will give you not only a set of new footwork but it will open your mind for your own creations and variations keeping the flow and the structure of your regular dance.

2) Aerials Workshop

Date & time: Sunday 6/1, 11.00-14.30 (3h with 30min break)
Price: 290kr per person
Location: Støberiet, Store Sal, 3rd floor (Blågårds Plads 5, Kbh N)
Level: At least two months of dancing lindy hop

Lindy Hop is well known for its awesome aerials – jumps and throws into the air. If you want to get a taste of that, then this workshop is for you!
We will teach you some cool looking and very classic lindy hop aerials: Fly High, Snatch, Sack of Patatoes and The Frankie (Around the back). 
You don’t need much dance experience – the workshop is available for anyone who has at least two months of swing dance experience. You will need a partner though. As they say, it takes two to tango – in this case it takes two to do aerials.
So please note, that you can only register with a partner. We will not be changing partners in the workshop. You can consider writing out on your class group to see if anyone wants to partner up with you for the workshop.
Please note that the location of the aerial workshop is NOT Happy Feet Studio. We have rented a dance room on Blågårds Plads, Nørrebro, because our studio is rented out for an external event for a whole weekend.


The Details:

Charleston Technique & Footwork Variations

  • Date: 3rd of January (Thursday)
  • Time: 19.00-21.15
  • Place: Happy Feet Studio 
    (Ørnevej 33, 2400 Kbh NV)
  • Price: 190kr
  • Level: At least half a year of dancing lindy hop


  • Date: 6th of January (Sunday)
  • Time: 11.00-14.30
  • Place: Støberiet, Store Sal, 3rd floor
    (Blågårds Plads 5, Kbh N)
  • Price: 290kr
  • Level: At least two months of dancing lindy hop