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Everything Swingouts

18th June 2020 @ 18:00 - 20:00 | 190DKK | Happy Feet Studio | Ørnevej 33 st

The Details:

  • Date: 18th of June
  • Time: 18.00 – 20.00
  • Place: Happy Feet Studio 
    (Ørnevej 33, 2400 Kbh NV)
  • Price: 190kr/person
  • Level: at least half a year of Lindy Hop experience
  • Teachers: Kuno & Gosia




Swingouts! Swingouts! Swingouts!
There is no move like it in Lindy Hop. When it really works, the flow and dynamics of it feels exciting and thrilling. When it doesn't it can fail catastrophically.

In this workshop we will do a quality check on your swingouts. We will take you through the basics and make sure you are nailing them. Then we will take a look at classic swingout variations like the Inside Turn, the Outside Turn and the Texas Tommy.
You will also get a chance to try under- and overrotated swingouts and the super classic variation: "Lindy Switches", where the follower rotates around the leader with switches.

Please Note: It will only be possible to sign up with a partner.

At least half a year of Lindy Hop experience is required to join. However, the workshop will be good training for you even if you have danced for several years.
We will make sure to differentiate the material towards different levels, and since you will only be dancing with your own partner, you can decide how challenging you want to make it for yourself.

How to find a partner:
We suggest you go back to your class groups from previous courses and ask if anyone would like to join with you.