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Give & Take Space – WS with Eiki & Solveig

9th April 2017 @ 11:00 - 14:00

The Details:

  • Date: 9th of April
  • Time: 11.00 – 14.00
    (with 30 min break)
  • Place: Happy Feet Studio 
    (Ørnevej 33, 2400 Kbh NV)
  • Price: 
    250kr (190kr for students)
  • Level:  At least 8 months of swing dancing experience
    – Swing 5 and up in Happy Feet Studio
    – Intermediate and up in SwingShoes
    – Level 5 and up in HepCats

  • Teachers: Eiki & Solveig






This workshop will focus on "open" vs "closed" leading. Both leaders and followers will learn how to be more relaxed and musical in their dancing by creating and taking space in the dance and unleashing their creativity.

Followers: Learn how to be able to take more space and introduce your own musicality and ideas to pleasantly surprise and inspire your leader.

Leaders: learn how to give your follows more space in the dance so she can also introduce ideas on how the dance should evolve. This will not only enrich the partnership but will also give you new ideas and inspiration for how to move with your partner.


About the teachers:

Solveig has been dancing different styles almost her entire life but Lindy Hop is by far her favorite. A great performer and a talented teacher she loves the jazzy groove and humoristic flavor of the dance.

Eiki started sharing his passion for Lindy Hop in 2009 and has taught regular Lindy Hop classes in Iceland, Germany and Denmark as well as workshops all over Europe. He has an broad theoretical and practical knowledge of the dance, which he loves sharing with others.