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Workshop with Manuel Goral from Argentina

11th May 2019 @ 11:00 - 14:30 | 280DKK | Happy Feet Studio | Ørnevej 33 st





Manuel Goral from Argentina is back in town! He has visited Denmark almost every year for the last 8 years, and taught both in Copenhagen and Odense. This time Manuel will teach a 3-hour Lindy Hop workshop, divided into two topics:

Take your Swing Out technique out of the box!
The Swing Out is probably the most emblematic step in Lindy Hop. Throughout the years, several and different techniques and variations have been developed. In this workshop, we will analize each fundamental principle of every Swing Out tech, to understand them, mix them and create new versions of them.
Duration: 1:30h
4, 6 and 8 count in your phrases!
Almost every classic figure in Lindy Hop is either six or eight count. There are combinations that can extend them, but also there are ways of making them shorter. In this workshop, we will learn how to keep the "figure" of every classic or traditional step, but by changing them in different ways to make consistent phrasing with the music. By doing this, we will improve our way of interpreting Swing music and our own musicality.
Duration: 1:30h
Level for both topics: from 8 months of dancing and up
Dance Bio
Manuel first started dancing Lindy Hop in 2003, and has been teaching it since 2008, shortly after his first visit to Herrang Dance Camp. He is a Buenos Aires based teacher, where he founded his own school, BA Swing City, along with Mariel Gastiarena and Juan Villafañe, back in 2014. Although he is an international teacher and travels to Europe twice a year. He’s taught in festivals such as Ugly Duckling, Prague Spring Swing Festival, Copenhagen Lindy Exchange, Brasil Swing Out Extravaganza, LAIF, Hepcats Fever, and has given advanced level workshops in different european cities, as Berlin, Barcelona, London, Athens, Copenhagen, Moscu, Rome, etc.
He’s won local and international competitions and started teaching internationally after that, around 2010. He is one of South America’s referents and is focused on making the local scene in Buenos Aires grow, by organizing and promoting swing events. He is the organizer of the only two championships in Buenos Aires (CAPOS and Swing City Challenge) and the biggest swing party, (Swingin’ Party) held every summer with international DJs as hosts. 

The Details:

  • Date: 11th of May
  • Time: 11.00 – 14.30
  • Place: Happy Feet Studio 
    (Ørnevej 33, 2400 Kbh NV)
  • Price: 160kr
  • Level: from 8 months of dancing and up 
  • Teacher: Manuel Goral