Why do we change partners in class?


change_partnersSwing dance is not a show or performance dance. At its heart, it’s a social dance. This means that swing dance is a social experience, one which is ment to be shared with many different people. So rather than try to perfect your moves with one person, we want to prepare you to join the fun at swing dance parties, where everyone is dancing with everyone. We want to mirror this experience in our classes by letting you train how to lead and follow with many different partners. We believe that you will learn the quickest this way — after all, each new person you dance with will have a unique style. We want to give you the chance to experience these unique styles and adapt to them, as well as develop one of your own.
The changing of partners is a long-standing tradition in swing dance, which you will encounter in all swing dance schools in Copenhagen, and across the globe from Barcelona to Seoul.


Will I not get to dance with my own partner at all?

You definitely will. We will not be changing partners in the first part of each class in our beginner course: Swing 1. This gives you plenty of time to dance with your "own" partner and allow you to get a bit in to the material before then trying it out with other people. In higher levels the partner changing becomes more frequent, since this really is the most efficient way to practice the dance.