Private Lessons

Please note:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently only providing private lessons where the teachers give vocal and visual instructions, but they don't dance with the students. Therefore you need to come with a partner. The price for one hour of private lesson is 400kr.

You can choose yourself if you want the feedback to be shared equally between you and your partner, or if you should be the only one getting feedback during the lesson. 

Types of Private  Lessons

If you are about to learn your first Swing Dance steps:

We can help you kick-start your adventure with Swing Dance with an intense and fun teaching program, which we tailor individually to your needs. We make sure to structure the learning process in an easy and friendly way, thanks to which you will quickly see a progress in your dance. You will learn many cool and fun moves, and will be ready for the dance floor in no time.

If you are already a swing dancer:

We can work with you on your dance technique, moves and styling, and give you personal feedback on what areas we believe you should work on and how. We will provide you with various methods and tools to constantly develop your dance while practicing or dancing socially. Private lessons with us will help you bring your dancing to a higher level and allow for even more fun on the dance floor.

If you want to learn the First Dance for your wedding:

Why not trying something else than the traditional Waltz? We will gladly choreograph a First Dance routine for you, and make it fit the style or theme of your wedding. Whether you prefer the more energetic style of the roaring 20's or the wild 50's, or you would rather dance to more smooth swing tunes, we will make sure that your routine will be a beautiful and memorable performance. We will adjust the material and tempo of lessons to your needs and wishes, and you don't need to have any dance experience in advance. After just a few private sessions with us, you can surprise your guests with a unique First Dance choreography!

If you want to learn a cool swing dance routine:

We can offer a wide variety of fun and easy routines, both solo and with a partner. Most of the routines can be taught within one or two hours and don't require any previous dance experience. Get an appointment with us and learn a cool dance routine, that you can show off with to your friends and family at a party or gathering.


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    What is the price and how do I pay?


    500 kr per hour for a one person session
    (one student and one teacher).

    400 kr per hour for a couple session* 
    (one couple and one teacher). 

    Earning discounts: We give a 50% discount on every 4th private lesson!

    *Why is it cheaper for a couple? It is more physically demanding on the teacher when they dance with a student a full hour, rather than just offering advise and tips to a couple. This extra demand means that the teacher can take fewer privates/classes in a day, which is why it's reflected in the price.


    Payment methods:

    You can pay either in cash, by Mobile Pay or by bank transfer. It's fine to pay after your class.

    Where does it take place?

    We teach Private Lessons in our dance studio on Ørnevej 33, 2400 København NV.

    Who can I book a Private with?

    You can book privates with either Kuno or Gosia. Read more about us here. If you are in doubt who you should book, then consider this:

    • If you are a Follower
      • In a private with Kuno, he can help you with your general technique and bad habits, as well as any moves that you might wish to practice.
      • In a private with Gosia, she can help you with specific follower technique, like swivels, and she can help improve your styling and fundamental movements. If you bring a partner, she can also help you with your general technique and bad habits.
    • If you are a Leader
      • In a private with Gosia, she can help you with your general technique and bad habits, as well as any moves that you might wish to practice.
      • In a private with Kuno, he can help you improve your fundamental movement technique, for example how to be better at bouncing and triple steps. If you bring a partner, he can also help you with your general technique and bad habits. 

    Can I book a private with more than two participants?

    You are welcome to book privates as a small group of 3 or more people. In this case the price will need to be adjusted to the group's size. 
    Please contact us to get an offer.