Happy Feet

Happy Feet Studio consists of two swing dancers: Kuno and Gosia. We are passionate Lindy Hop dancers, instructors and performers. We regularly teach dance classes for all levels in Copenhagen, and we gladly perform and teach crash courses to Swing Dance at various events, such as birthday parties, weddings, theme parties, company parties etc. We constantly work on growing the Danish swing dance scene, by organizing parties, classes and workshops for dancers, including both regular social dance events and international dance festivals. The biggest event we organize is Copenhagen Lindy Exchange - an annual swing dance festival with 5 days of parties with live music played by international swing bands, which every year attracts around 400 participants from over 20 different countries. We have also performed on Danish TV several times, including:

  • Danish Music Awards 2014 on TV2
  • Kongerigets Klogeste on DR1
  • Vild med Dans 2013 on TV2 as Lindy Hop instructors
  • Go'Aften Danmark on TV2
  • Top Charlie 2013 on TV2 Charlie

Apart from that, we travel around Europe a lot, to visit other swing dances scenes and exchange experience and ideas with the foreign swing dancers. We compete in international swing dance competitions, often with high results.