We are happy to announce a series of Masterful workshops with Manuel Bicain!

Manuel Bicain is an international Lindy Hop instructor who have been teaching all over the world. Coming all the way from Argentina, he has been doing yearly spring workshops in Copenhagen and influencing the Danish Lindy Hop scene for over a decade now. He is visiting Denmark again this year, and we are super excited to have him back in our studio!
Manuel will be teaching 6 workshops in total – four of them in Lindy Hop, and two of them in aerial steps, where you get to fly through the air. You can sign up for just one of the workshops or all six of them.

The weekend in details


10.30-12.00: Airsteps for Beginners (90min)
12.00-13.00: Lunch Break (60min)
13.00-14.00: Fun Lindy topic: Stealing in Lindy Hop (60min)
14.00-14.15: Break (15min)
14.15-15.15: Technical Lindy topic: Smooth Charleston Transitions (60min)


11.30-13.00: Airsteps for Improvers (90min)
13.00-14.00: Lunch Break (60min)
14.00-15.00: Fun Lindy topic: Classic steps (60min)
15.00-15.15: Break (15min)
15.15-16.45: Technical Lindy topic: Dancing rhythm displacements (90min)


Airsteps for Beginners
Description: A beginners workshop into the world of Airsteps, also called Aerials. Here you will learn some of the simpler and more beginner friendly Air Steps, and how to add these exciting movements into your dancing, so it’s not just an acrobatic skill, but a part of your swing dancing.
The aerials you will learn at this workshop are:
– Frog Jump (as a warmup)
– Figure 4 Dip
– Figure 4 Dip to drag
– Moons
Level: Aimed at dancers with little or no experience in air steps or physical training. It is mandatory to sign up as a dance couple, because we’ll not change partners.
Duration: 90 min.
Lindy fun Class: Stealing in Lindy Hop
Description: The goal is to learn ways to enter another couple’s dance, usually by replacing one of the dancers and smoothly ‘stealing’ the other without disrupting the connection or dance dynamics. We’ll explore simple and basic methods as well as more complex ones to apply as needed. It’s extremely fun for jams, performances, or simply playing around during social dancing.
Level: At least 4 months of Lindy Hop classes. It’s enough to know the basic steps and simple structures of lindy hop.
Duration: 60 min
Lindy Technical Class: Smooth Charleston Transitions
Description: Charleston is characterized by having several basic and fun patterns. One of the things that makes it powerful is how it can be shaped very differently just by making small changes in body position, direction of movement or the connection with the partner. By exploring these variables we will find new and simple ways to transition from one basic pattern to another or even to more complex ones.
Level: At least 6 months of Lindy Hop classes. It’s necessary to know the basics of Charleston.
Duration: 60 min


Airsteps for Improvers
Description: A workshop for those who want to delve deeper into the world of Airsteps, where you will learn some of the more advanced traditional and modern Airsteps, and work on being able to execute these acrobatic movements as a part of your Lindy Hop dancing.
The aerials you will learn at this workshop are: 
– The Clamp (as a warmup)
– Back to back
– Around the back
Level: Aimed at dancers with some experience in air steps or physical training. If you have no prior experience in acrobatic movement, then taking the Saturday Beginner Airsteps workshop will get you ready for this Improvers workshop. It is mandatory to sign up as a dance couple, because we’ll not change partners.
Duration: 90 min.
Lindy fun Class: Classical Steps
Description: We’ll explore classic Lindy Hop steps that are an important part of swing dance culture. They may have become classics because a dancer made them famous or simply because they have been repeated in the usage and customs of Swing dance. We’ll add a bit of rhythmic spice to each one and some new ways to enter and exit the step.
Level: At least 10 months of Lindy Hop Classes.
Duration: 60 min
Class for Lindy Nerds: Dancing rhythm displacements
Description: In music, rhythmic displacements happen when the rhythm shifts slightly, changing the timing of beats and pauses in a song. In Lindy Hop, you can use this concept by changing the timing and accents of your dance steps, creating exciting rhythm changes. This will give you new ways to connect and have playful interactions with your partner.
Level: At least 1,5 years of Lindy Hop classes.
Duration: 80 min
Price for a 90min workshop: 230kr /person
Price for a 60min workshop: 160kr /person
15% discount for students
10% discount on the total amount, when you register for more than one event.
You can receive both discounts on your booking.
Manuel started to dance Swing in 2003. When he got into the traditional jazz and improvisation world, he found the prefect way to express himself and to share his art with people.

He studied with local teachers and took clases in Europe with the best dancers of the world. He combined his training with martial arts, contact improvisation, theater and circus for several years. He has also studied tap and body percussion, disciplines that he’s still practicing.

He is the organizer of Swingin’ Festival (a Lindy Hop and Tap event), Swing Break Camp, and Campeonato Porteño de Swing (the first swing championships in South America). Currently, he organizes swing parties and he is the producer of the jazz band Brazofuerte All Stars.

Manu participated in several shows as a swing dancer, and won different prizes in competitions. He teaches Lindy Hop, involving not just his heart and dance knowledge in each class, but also modern educational techniques to transmit what each student needs.
See Manuel in action here: 


Jun 15 - 16 2024


Happy Feet Studio
Ørnevej 33, st 2400 Copenhagen NV

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Registration is now closed. 

If you still want to join a course, you can try to write us an email at: info@happyfeetstudio.dk

Registration is now closed. 

If you still want to join a course, you can try to write us an email at: info@happyfeetstudio.dk