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We offer fun and easy workshops in vintage dances, as a special attraction at your event. A short dance class can be a great icebreaker, allowing your guests to meet each other in an entertaining and informal way.

We teach both partner and solo classes, most often with a duration of 45-60 minutes. A solo class could be in Solo Charleston, while a partnered class could be in 40’s Lindy Hop or 50’s Jitterbug.

Our classes are in all cases easy to follow for dancers of all levels. A fun and inspirational dance class can be a fantastic way to start up the dance floor at your event.

Vintage Atmosphere

We can add a vintage feeling and atmosphere to your event. We always teach and perform in vintage attire, tailored to your event’s theme, e.g. Great Gatsby, Prohibition Gangsters, 50s Rockabilly etc. The musical recordings we use for our shows and classes are of course authentic music from the period matching your theme.


We have performed at a wide range of events, from small family gatherings, to company parties and bigger events for mass audiences.

We can get your guests in the mood for dancing and start your dance floor off with an exciting show.

We offer shows in these themes (see also video above):

– 20’s Charleston (Great Gatsby)
– 40’s Swing Era
– 50’s Rock & Roll

Swing Music

We are also available for Swing, Rock & Roll and Charleston DJ’ing, should you need some good danceable music to get the dancefloor jumping.

You can see some examples of us dancing here

Danmark Har Talent in 2017

DR1 Dans Dans Dans in 2021


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