Rent our studio

You can rent our studio for different events, such as workshops, classes, conferences, birthday parties etc.

We offer two big rooms: Savoy (200 m2) and Alhambra (115 m2), as well as a small training room, Smalls Paradise (26 m2).
Studio is also equipped with a cozy Cafe and a shower area with sauna.

Hourly Classroom Rental for workshops, classes etc.



Due to the Corona Virus situation, our studio is currently closed and unavailable for group classes. However, we would like to offer you the possibility of renting our rooms for small training sessions, e.g. solo training or two people training together. This offer will last as long as we we are waiting for the situation to go back to normal.

All our rooms have now the adjusted price of 100/kr per hour, and they all can be booked in our booking system, Skedda.

See when our studio is available:



Savoy (200 m2)…………….......  350 kr/hour 100kr/hour

Alhambra (110 m2)…………...  270 kr/hour 100kr/hour

Smalls Paradise (26 m2).....  100 kr/hour

How to rent the rooms

Updated description: 

You can book all our rooms directly through Skedda.

The price is the same for both Savoy, Alhambra and Smalls Paradise (the only room suited for tap dancing). 

Please note, this offer is only valid for small training sessions, e.g. solo training or two people training together. It's not allowed to book our rooms for group classes or workshops using this offer. 

Rental for Parties

You can rent our whole studio for a birthday party, family gathering, or a company event.
Contact us to get an offer based on your needs!

Our studio can fit up to 150 guests in total (with equipment for up to 100 sitting guests).

When you rent our studio, you get access to the following rooms:
- Two big rooms: Savoy (200 m2) and Alhambra (115 m2)
- Small training room Smalls Paradise (26 m2) which can be used e.g. as a cloakroom
- Cafe area with a fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, stove, oven etc)
- Bathing area with with 3 shower cabins and a sauna

You will also get access to the following equipment:
- Professional sound system in all rooms, with the possibility of connecting a microphone
- Effective ventilation and air conditioning system
- Tables and chairs for 100 seated guests, as well as 8 high tables for reception (plus a possibility of renting tablecloths for the tables)
- Water glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, plates, cutlery etc. for 100 seated guests
- Clothes racks for up to 150 jackets

You can also order other services for your event from us, such as:
- dance show
- dance show + intro class for your guests
- DJing (swing or modern music)

Contact us to get an offer for your event: