A weekend full of Lindy Hop, learning, and laughter awaits at the beautiful former ‘Højskole’ Emmaus in Haslev on March 8th-10th!

We will have the fantastic dancers Sonia & Hector join us all the way from Barcelona to instruct and inspire us ✨

Furthermore, we’re exploring the ELEF approach – Everybody Leads, Everybody Follows, ensuring a unique and inclusive learning experience 🌿

The weekend in highlights

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✔  ELEF classes with Sonia & Hector
(9 hours of lessons over the weekend)

✔  Party Friday, Party Saturday (with Farum Big Band!) and Sunday afternoon dance

✔  Culture talks and video watching

✔  All meals included Friday evening to Sunday lunch

✔  Accommodation at the venue

The weekend in details

International Lindy Hop instructors Sonia & Hector will be your teachers this weekend. 

They are based in Barcelona, where they run their own dance school and they teach all their Lindy Hop courses in the ELEF style. 

Their experience in teaching the ELEF style and their decades long Lindy Hop instructor career makes them the perfect teaching couple for our Happy GetAway weekend. 

Check out Sonia & Hector dancing here:

Sonia and Hector’s bio

Sonia and Hector, a professional Lindy Hop couple (Swing Dancers). They both have been teaching Lindy Hop on a regular basis in various dance schools in Barcelona since 2003 and they have been partly responsible for promoting the success of the Lindy Hop boom nationally. They are now are travelling all around the world involved in “spreading the Lindy Hop word”, venturing on as many attractive projects as possible. Sonia and Hector are keen to demonstrate their love and enthusiasm for Lindy Hop through their work in the hope that others too can enjoy and learn the same.

Hector and Sonia teaching perspective is focused on the fundamental aspects of what they find interesting in Lindy Hop; bouncing, partner communication and quality of movement form the basis of their teaching. From their own creative standpoint, teaching “cool” moves or combinations is not the priority, although they use them as tools for enjoyment and as a way for students to remember what they have absorbed during the classes.

Hector and Sonia always try to incorporate their own individual creativity into their teaching, often showing students their own originality and invention in steps and movements which they have developed. They do this to help the student on their own creative journey and inspiration. Feedback has shown Hector and Sonia that students enjoy clear examples to explain certain movements.

This will be an ELEF weekend. ELEF meaning ‘Everybody Leads Everybody Follows’ in class.
So you won’t be signing up as either a leader or follower, instead, you will be dancing both roles when practising your dancing with Sonia & Hector. 

You won’t have to be experienced in both leading and following to join. The classes will be designed so that leaders and followers on very different levels can still practise and progress their Lindy Hop. And if something is a bit tricky for you, it will of course be ok to go back to the dance role you feel most comfortable in for a while. 

We believe having a whole weekend of ELEF learning will be a fantastic experience for the participants. You will get to see and feel everything from both sides and get a much deeper understanding of the dance. And it will also just be a lot of fun!

Level Requirement for joining the weekend:
Minimum one year of dancing Lindy Hop. It is recommended having some training in dancing both roles, but not a requirement.

This is the updated schedule for the weekend:

17.00 – 19.00: Check in and find your room
18.00 – 19.00: Dinner 
19.30 – 20.30: Welcome Workshop with Sonia & Hector in the Lecture Hall
20.30 – 01.00: Friday Party in the Lecture Hall

8.30 – 9.30: Breakfast
10.00 – 11.00 Morning Solo Jazz, Intermediate level in the Lecture Hall and Advanced level in the Big Hall
11.00 – 12.30: Partner classes in the Lecture Hall
12.30 – 13.30: Lunch
13.30 – 16.00: Partner classes in the Lecture Hall
17.00 – 18.00: Community Talk organized by Monica Blair
18.30 – 19.30: Dinner
19.30 – 02.00: Saturday party with Farum Big Band in the Big Hall

8.30 – 9.30: Breakfast
8.00 – 10.00: Check out of rooms before 10.00
9.30 – 10.00: Warm up Jazz in the Lecture Hall
10.00 – 12.30: Partner classes in the Lecture Hall
12.30 – 13.30: Lunch
13.30 – 16.00: Afternoon Tea-dance and goodbyes in the Lecture Hall

Accommodation in 2-person rooms at the venue is included in the full pass for the weekend.

Each 2-person room has two single beds and its own bathroom. 

In the registration form, you can let us know if there is a specific person you would like to share room with. If not, then we will put you together with another person, but you can of course let us know if you have any preferences for your roommate. 

It is also possible to book a single room with it’s own bathroom for an extra fee of 300kr.


Included in the full pass are:
Friday: Dinner
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner,
Sunday: Breakfast & Lunch

Each meal will be served in the dining hall and will be a buffet with a wide variety to choose from. 

In the registration form, you can let us know of any dietary restrictions or food preferences you have, and the kitchen will make sure you will have food options available to you at every meal. 

You are of course welcome to bring your own snacks for the weekend, for a quick boost of energy. There is also a supermarket 500m from the venue. 

Regarding Beverages: 

You are not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages. But there will be a self service bar open at all times with sodas, beers and wine.
You can drink the tap water at the venue and it will of course be available for free.

The whole weekend will take place at Emmaus in Haslev. 

The address is: Højskolevej 9, 4690 Haslev.

Arriving by train

Take the train towards “Næstved St.” and get off at Haslev station.
There are trains leaving Copenhagen main station (København H) every 30min and the trip takes about 50min. 

After getting off at Haslev station, it is a 1km walk from the train station to the venue (15min walk). 

Flying in from abroad

When you arrive at Copenhagen airport, buy a ticket all the way to “Haslev st” from one of the red ticket machines. This ticket will be valid for all trains on your way to Haslev st.
Then take a train to Copenhagen main station (København H). It can be a regional train or a metro train. Takes 10-15min.
Then follow the guide above. 

Arriving by car

You can park your car for free at the venue for the weekend. 

The Full Pass for the weekend costs: 3580 DKK

Only extra cost is an optional extra 300 DKK to have a single room. 

The Full Pass covers the full experience of the weekend and includes:

• 9 hours of classes with Hector & Sonia

• Party Friday, Party Saturday (with Farum Big Band!) and Sunday afternoon dance 

• Accommodation Friday to Sunday

• All meals from Friday dinner to Sunday Lunch

• Social activities and cultural talks during the weekend

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Mar 08 - 10 2024


Højskole Emmaus in Haslev
Højskolevej 9, Haslev