Lindy Hop Teachers


Kuno Harsbo Rasmussen

Kuno has a solid background in music – playing various instruments and singing since he was young. This understanding of music has been a great advantage for Kuno when he began to explore Lindy Hop back in 2009. He quickly fell in love with the dance, especially with the playfulness and musicality of Lindy Hop. Kuno has participated in numerous international competitions in Lindy Hop with top rankings. He has also for many years been deeply involved in developing the Danish swing dance scene. He is one of Denmark's best swing dancers and takes a pride in sharing the joy of the dance through teaching. With his musical understanding, Kuno is always playing with rhythmical improvisations in his dance, something he loves to share with his students in class. Kuno has also studied didactics at Copenhagen University, a skill set he puts to good use when planning his classes.

Gosia Wolska Rasmussen

Gosia's dance adventure started back when she was a teenager. She tried different styles, from Ballroom Dance, through Salsa, to Jitterbug. In 2009, when she moved from Poland to Denmark, she encountered Lindy Hop for the first time. And it was a perfect match! She immediately fell in love with the dance, especially with its great emphasis on improvisation and playfulness. From the very beginning, she simply loved the whole package: the music, the people, the culture, and the atmosphere around the dance. Gosia quickly got more and more involved in the swing dance scene in Copenhagen and she soon began teaching regularly. She loves to travel and visit other dance scenes, learn from other talented instructors, compete, perform, and get nerdy about this amazing dance. Lindy Hop has taken over Gosia's life and she couldn’t be happier!

Eiki Guðmundsson

After starting to dance Lindy Hop in 2007 in his hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland, Eiki quickly dove into as much dancing he could get his hands on. Getting into dances like Vernacular Jazz, Boogie Woogie, Salsa, Folke Swing, Balboa & Blues. However, Lindy Hop remained his main focus. Eiki started sharing his passion for the dance in 2009, teaching regular classes for the two Lindy Hop clubs in Iceland, Lindy Ravers and The University Dance Forum (Haskoladansinn). From 2011 to 2013, Eiki taught Swing dance classes full time for Ali & Katja’s SwingStep club, based in Heidelberg Germany. In that time he not only taught all over Germany, but all over Europe as well. Since 2015, Eiki has been teaching regular Lindy Hop classes in Copenhagen. In his classes, Eiki loves to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere while using a methodical approach and precise statements to take his students to the next level.

Eiki is also the coordinator of Friday Parties at Happy Feet Studio. 

Malene Begtrup Andersen

In the summer of 2008 Malene found herself in a small village in Sweden. The village turned out to be the world’s biggest swing dance camp, Herräng. Here she was met by hundreds of happy swing dancers from all over the world. After a week of classes, with some of the world’s best lindy teachers, she was hooked. In 2010 she moved to San Francisco for six months, where she performed and practiced Lindy Hop with the dance company Motion Explosion. After she went home to Copenhagen, she started teaching and has done it ever since. She’s a teacher who first of all cares about her students having fun.

Julie Schmidt Andreasen

Julie choreographs, performs and teaches. She works inter-disciplinary with dance, fine art, film and music in collaborations with other artists mainly in London and Copenhagen. She graduated from London Contemporary Dance School with a Bachelor of Arts with Honour. She has performed in a variety of dance pieces, films, opera, concerts, live art installations, and the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Julie was introduced to Lindyhop 10 years ago and has since enjoyed the dance at Lindyhop festivals and international workshops. She teaches children, youngsters and adults in contemporary dance, Lindyhop and authentic jazz in educational institutions such as Morley College (UK) and Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (DK). Sharing the joy of dance, music and expression with others drives her to teach.

Check out also Julie's website: Julieschmidtand.com

Ayub Ali Abdulkadir

Ayub started dancing his main style hiphop in 2009 - a year later he started house, and is now know as one of Denmark's best hiphop dancers. Ayub has been doing a lot of shows and won a lot of competitions, (Nøddeknækkeren, gadens hårdeste hævn, Europian Opening show Handball, "Battle for hiphop " in sweden and much more). As well as teaching hiphop dancing and various schools such as " flow",- "hotstepper" - "gaardbo"- Street style studio ". Ayub likes to use his improvisation skills (from his other styles) when he dances lindyhop, to have the best time at the dance floor.

Ninni Azalie Jensen

Ninni discovered Lindy Hop in 2014 and became hooked right from the start. In particular she loves the happy and social spirit of the dance as well as the countless opportunities for dancing Lindy Hop not only in Copenhagen but all over the world. Until now she has been visiting dance floors in Sweden, Germany, Spain and France. Besides dancing Lindy Hop Ninni is also passionate about sea kayaking.

Simon Christian Larsen

Simon started dancing in 2004. Ten years later, in 2014, he discovered Lindy Hop and quickly got addicted. In his teaching he focuses on creating a fun and friendly atmosphere. While he's very dedicated in helping his students become great Lindy Hop dancers, he always keeps in mind that reaching goals should never be the main focus. The most important thing is learning, improving and having fun along the way. Simon's other big passion is acroyoga which he teaches at Simons Akroyoga. Through acroyoga Simon has improved his balance, partner connection and body awareness immensely, and this has taken his swing dance to a whole new level.

Check out also Simon's website: Simons Akroyoga

Elisha Ngoma

Elisha is an Actor, artist dancer and choreographer. Dancing Has always been Elisha’s passion since he was very young. Talking about dancing, he was one of the El maestro (a salsa dancing group) founding members, where he had been both a choreographer and a salsa teacher for 2 years. Beside salsa he dances also other latino style such as bachata, merengue and lambanda. He performed in several events in his home country and also participated in different dance competitions. After moving to Denmark in 2012 he worked in a youth club as a Salsa teacher for children around 10-13 years old. His love for swing began in 2015, and from there he decided to become part of the amazing swing community. Apart from that, Elisha spends his spare time drawing or playing basketball in a local team.a

Mathilde Dam

Mathilde is an accomplished dancer who started dancing in 2010. Her passion drove her to learn a variety of dances including lindy hop, blues, balboa, shag, and even salsa. Her primary dance is lindy hop in which she masters both leading and following. Mathilde enjoys the two roles equally and she finds it essential to know both roles in order to understand her dance partner. Furthermore, this two-sided perspective provides a great foundation for teaching. In class Mathilde cares about the students having fun while learning and you will often see her with a smile on her face. 

Kasper Esven Skovgaard

Kasper started dancing in 2013 and immediately fell in love with it. He loves the musicality aspect of the dance and has a very playful approach to it, both on the social dance floor and when teaching. Kasper is passionate about passing on his joy of dancing and believes that making students feel comfortable and confident is a key aspect in learning the Lindy Hop.

Miranda van Wonterghem

Miranda fell in love with blues dance years ago and can still be found bluesing away both leading and following to the late night parties. Blues lead her to her second love: lindy hop and she is now bouncing to every swing tune she hears. To her the core of the dances consists of joy, musicality, and the connection she has with her partner.

Sheila Bouten

Sheila has been bringing her unique style and love of rhythm to the dance floor since 2007. First dancing in Washington D.C., and then in Montreal, she is now living and dancing in Copenhagen, and could not be happier to be joining this community! As a founding member of two Montreal dance troupes, the Cats Club Chorus Line and The Strutting Trousers, she loves to work collaboratively to create fun choreographies with fun people. As a teacher, Sheila takes great care in helping her students find their own unique style with a desire to always stay true to the music. If not on the dance floor, you'll likely find Sheila grabbing a slice of pizza to recharge after a long night of moving her feet.

Sandrine Reny

Sandrine discovered swing in 2011 in Montreal, Canada, when a friend said "Why don't we go in the living room while the cake is in the oven, and I'll show you some charleston?". She fell in love instantly, and after being to a few intro classes at social dance evening, she thought it might make sense to start classes. Her dance shoes moved to Copenhagen in 2014, and since then she can be found on dancefloors all over Europe. Maybe you'll meet her one day in front of the stage, hipnotized by Gordon Webster's live music, or quietly tap dancing while in the bar or bathroom queue. Her philosophy in life is that if she repeatedly tells everyone she knows to try lindy hop, and 1% falls in love with it, then it is worth annoying the other 99% with it until they all give it a try.

Monica Blair

Monica has been dancing since 2017. She has participated in various swing dance events in Sweden, Norway, Spain and France. She has a strong focus both on lindy hop and solo jazz. Both dances allow her to express herself to the music and to share the dance with others in different ways. Her biggest joy is dancing to live music. She enjoys teaching and exploring the dance even more with the students.

Birk Christiansen

Text coming soon.

Collegiate Shag Teachers


Maja Sommerfeldt

Maja started dancing when she was five, mostly competing show dance and musical for many years. Ever since she has been experiencing dancing as a very natural way of expressing herself and interacting with others. As a music teacher, she feels like listening to the music with her body and interpreting it with dancing. Maja discovered Swing Dance in the local community in Copenhagen in 2015 and enjoys dancing, learning and trying all kinds of dances and styles like Lindyhop, Solo Jazz, Balboa and Collegiate Shag. She loves the social aspect of swing dancing and is fascinated by the amazing community and the great uplifting atmosphere at national and international parties, workshop and events. Her new dance passion is Collegiate Shag, perfectly combining a fast and challenging partner interaction with totally funny and silly moves, which always puts a smile on her face. Teaching in Happy Feet studio gives her the possibility to share her love for dancing with others.

Teis Volstrup

Teis has never had any doubt that dancing should be a central part of being. He has been around many dance styles starting with his mother bringing him and his brothers to choreographed ballroom dancing for a few months every year at spring time. Since then his journey brought him by several social dances like Argentinian tango, salsa and lindy hop. One evening out and in the middle of a swinging dancefloor a couple seemed to have an extraordinary goofy moment and they caught his attention. They had fun with Collegiate Shag and so has Teis since he laughed and felt the passion from the stepping into this disruptive and funny swing dance.

Betina Barup

Betina's interest in music and dance started early on with her singing at the age of 8 years old and into her early 20's. In the year 2000 she started dancing salsa and later Kizomba which she continued for many years until she finally found swing .The combination of the two previous dances and the understanding of how music is build up, comes in handy when it comes to musicality in the dance. Betina started swing dancing in 2016. She dances different kinds of swing dances including balboa, Lindy hop, St. Louis shag and Collegiate Shag. Her big passion being the collegiate shag, where you can let your inner child out and be as goofy as you want.
Betina loves participating in both Collegiate shag- and Lindy hop festivals abroad and teaches regularly at Happy Feet Studio. You will often see her on the social dance floor at Happy Feet Studio.

Niomi Mcsorley

Niomi is originally from Manchester, England. She was interested in physical activity and dance from an early age and discovered swing dancing in 2016. After 6 month of Lindy Hop she saw and fell in love with the Shag dances. She has entered a few competitions and won a few pro/am shag competitions. Both endurance and choreos. She enjoys all dancing but shag has a special place in her heart and she enjoys teaching it to others and sharing her passion. Niomi has been teaching ever since, and has been teaching workshops and tasters in many countries from the UK, Estonia, Switzerland, amongst others. Swing dancing brought her to Copenhagen and she has been teaching there since 2019. She dabbles in all dances as both a follow and a leader and she likes non-stop dancing, all night, with everyone she can get a dance with.

Tap Teacher


Xavier Estrela

Xavier studied tap dance with Michael Sandwick, a member of the "American Tap Dance Orchestra" of Brenda Bufalino and a disciple of hers (Michael S. also studied with Henry LeTang, Paul Draper and Maurice Hines, all legendary masters of this art). After acquiring this solid formation from the best tap dance tradition, he has had the privilege of receiving courses from many of the best artists and pedagogues, including Brenda Bufalino, Michelle Dorrance, Jason Samuels Smith, Sam Weber, Dormeshia Sumbry Edwards, Andrew Nemr, Josh Hilberman, Roxane Butterfly, Chloe Arnold, and Guillem Alonso.
Xavier has danced tap professionally in numerous occasions, in great musical productions and in all kinds of events. He has his own group of dancers and teaches tap classes, courses and seminars constantly.
Xavier has also been a professional dancer in classical ballet, modern dance and jazz, developing his stage work and his pedagogical work in several countries.