Learn Collegiate Shag

It’s funny, it’s goofy and we are sure you’ll love it!

Level description


In this course you will learn the basics of Collegiate Shag. We focus on two types of basics. First is the face-to-face basic in both closed and open connection. Next we also work on our side-by-side basic, both on the spot and with travelling patterns. Within those basics we will teach you different turns and spins in a way so you are a ready for a social dancefloor already after this first round.

Level Guidance

You don’t need any prior dance experience to join this course. But if you have danced swing or another dance before, then that’s of course an advantage.


This course is an offer to everyone who already has some experience dancing Collegiate Shag beyond the beginner steps. There will be challenges for Shag dancers of all levels, so if you want to find new inspiration in your Shag dancing, then come join us.

Level Guidance

You need to complete Col. Shag 1 course to be able to join this class.
If you have danced Collegiate Shag in another school before, you need to have at least 2 months of experience to be able to join this class. And please have a dialogue with the teachers if you would like to join to make sure to end in the best suitable level.

Next round of classes
6th of March – 4th of May

Next Round of classes

18th of September – 2nd of November

Registration for all courses is now open!

What is Collegiate Shag?

Collegiate Shag is a partner dance that originated in the 1930’s and has a history similar to other jazz and swing era dances. The dance is known for its hopping basic step and high energy footwork to up-tempo swing and pre-swing jazz music.

It’s a fun and exciting dance that will have you dance faster than you ever imagined possibly in no time.

Recommended shoes for Collegiate Shag

Flat shoes will be the best choice, preferably with a bit slidey sole and with a padded/cushioned insole, for better comfort. For beginners, regular sneakers would often be enough (just check if you can slide and turn in them without getting stuck or making a squeak sound on the floor).

If you want to invest in proper dance shoes,
try one of these brands:

They are all based in  Europe, and they all have options for women and men.

Open Practice

Come and practice material from your class during Open Practice. It’s free  and open for everyone! Consider bringing a partner to dance with though. 

Swing Music

We have collected some of our favorite swing  songs, which are good for  practicing, and we put them together in a Spotify playlist 


See our full teachers team consisting of almost 40 teachers, all very passionate and eager to share their knowledge with you!