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Summer Workshops – week 1

4th July 2022 - 7th July 2022

Happy Feet Studio offers summer workshops throughout July.

Check out the list of workshops for week 1 (July 4th - 7th) below.

Each workshop is a stand-alone event. If you sign up for multiple workshops in the same week, you will receive a 10% discount on the total price.

More info about the upcoming weeks will be posted soon. 

Workshop Registration Form

How to register:
1) Click on the box with the chosen workshop
2) Fill out the rest of the form below the schedule
3) Follow the confirmation and payment instructions you receive via email
Note for the musicality workshop: if you want to sign up with a partner, both of you need to fill out the form separately and pay for the course

Registration is now closed. 

If you still want to join a course, you can try to write us an email at: info@happyfeetstudio.dk

Registration is now closed. 

If you still want to join a course, you can try to write us an email at: info@happyfeetstudio.dk

Workshop descriptions

1) Jazz Workout - new steps every week!
4th of July
Teacher: Cecilie

Join a fun workshop in some easy but fast paced jazz steps put together by Cecilie.

The workshop will be aimed at getting a lot of dancing and sweating done without having to stop too much to break every step down.

It will be less technical than the regular Solo Jazz classes, but since we will be spending less time on the smaller details of the dance, we can spend more time on just having fun with simple steps and fast dancing.

In the workshop we will dance mostly to traditional jazz tunes but also mix it up with more modern styles like Electro Swing.

So if a dance workout to some cool jazz tunes sounds good to you, then this is the workshop for you!

Level: The workshop is for people of all dancing levels, however it is recommended you know a bit of Solo Jazz and Charleston to be able to keep up with the steps we are doing.


2) Musicality: Rhythm and structure
Date: 5th of July
Time: 19.00-21.00
Teachers: Libor & Cecilie
Price: 190kr

Lindy hop is a rhythm dance, which reflects the unique character of swing jazz music. In the first part of this workshop, we will explore the rhythm with a particular focus on our steps. We will identify the basic rhythms that we already know and exercise how to mix these rhythms to create an open space for free musical expression. In the second part, we will have a close look at the structure of swing music and learn how understanding it can help us become more musical in the dance. 

Level: You have danced at least 4 months and are comfortable dancing your 6-count and 8-count moves in triple step and groove walk rhythm.


3) Tap Crash Course (For complete beginners)

Date: 5th of July
Time: 19.00-21.00
Teacher: Xavier
Price: 190kr

You want to be introduced to tap dancing and a short taster is not enough? This is your chance: Two hours intro crash workshop into the art of tap dance. You’ll get a lot out of this intense workshop.

Level: No experience necessary. Please bring leather sole shoes or similar (like the ones you use for lindy).


4) Tap Impro (level 1)

Date: 6th of July
Time: 19.00-21.00
Teacher: Xavier
Price: 190kr

Two hour introduction workshop to the wonder of tap dancing improvisation. Yes, we all want to improvise and we are all a bit insecure, this is the way you begi! We do not expect you already can improvise. We’ll go easy step by easy step, and talk about music and tap dance a lot.

Level: You have taken Tap 1 a couple of times, or you have been in Tap 1 and may be once in Tap 2.


5) Tap Impro (level 2) 

Date: 7th of July
Time: 19.00-21.00
Teacher: Xavier
Price: 190kr

Tap impro is a quintessential part of the tap dancing soul, and it is the main way you grow up in your dance.

During the two hour workshop we’ll swim into music, coral dance and tap impro. We do not expect you can already improvise, but we know you have already tried at the bus stop!

Level: This is for you, who have been in Tap 2 a couple of times, or you already are in Tap 3. So you can do some time steps and some small tap combinations.