Summer workshops - week 3

Happy Feet Studio will offer Summer workshops all through July ☀️
Every week will feature something different, in various swing dances.
Below you can see the schedule for the third week (July 15th – 18th) and sign up!
If you sign up for multiple workshops in the same week, you will receive a 10% discount on the total price. We also offer a 15% discount for students (with a valid student card). You can receive both discounts on your booking.
Find info about prices in the workshop descriptions below.

Workshop descriptions

Date: Monday, July 15th

Teachers: Datif The Great (guest teacher)

Time: 19.00-21.00

Price: 250kr

Description: A traditional African Dance workshop with a mix of different styles. Feel the rytme and get a taste of Africa dance culture by dancing to the sounds of drums. Be ready to shake your whole body.

Level: Open Level, dancers of all levels are welcome.

About the teacher:I’m Datif the great all the way from Zanzibar Tanzania. I’m a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher. I have become a dance teacher because I want to share my energy and the deep love and knowledge I have for my culture. With that I hope I can inspire people through my dance.”

Date:  Tuesday, July 16th

Teacher: Monica

Time: 19.00-20.30

Price: 190kr

Description: This workshop is especially designed for Lindy Hoppers looking to practise their basic groove and rhythm. We will focus on developing the quality of our own personal movement, ensuring we have a strong foundation to bring into our partner dancing.

Through a variety of dynamic exercises we will work on grooving to various songs, practise the 8-count basic rhythm to different tempos and engage our whole body while dancing.
The workshop is a solo workshop, which means you will be dancing without a partner. The workshop is for both leaders and followers. 

Level: This is an open level workshop. So whether you are still quite new to Lindy Hop or you are an experienced dancer, this workshop is a great opportunity for you to revisit the basics and give them some love and care.

Date: Wednesday, July 17th

Teachers: Miranda & Eiki

Time: 19.00-21.00

Price: 250kr

Description: This workshop will focus on individual footwork variations, allowing you to spice up your balboa dancing with new exciting steps. In the workshop you will also learn techniques suitable for dancing faster tempos, so you are ready to set fire to the dance floor next time the DJ plays that extra fast tune.

Level: This workshop is open to dancers that have as a minimum completed Balboa 3 or higher in Happy Feet Studio. It is also open to students from the Balboa for Experienced Swing Dancers (round 3). Dancers from other schools, should have taken at least 8 months of Balboa classes and be very familiar with the basics of Balboa (Pure-bal & Bal-Swing). Including basic up and downholds, Throw-outs and Out&Ins.

Date: Thursday, July 18th

Teachers: Patricia & Alexander

Time: 19.00-21.00

Price: 250kr

Description: Charleston is awesome and in this workshop we’re going to make it even more awesome and learn some new, fun variations that are not normally taught at Happy Feet in swing 1 to 5. Variations that will surprise and delight your dance partner.
This includes:
– New entrances to tandem, airplane and hand to hand
– Fun breaks and musicality
– How the follower can introduce moves and ideas in Charleston (follower initiation) We’re also going to focus on how to make your Charleston dancing more relaxed and effortless so you can Charleston more and longer.

Level: you need to be able into and out of Tandem Charleston and Hand-to-Hand Charleston to join the workshop.


Jul 15 - 18 2024


Happy Feet Studio
Ørnevej 33, st 2400 Copenhagen NV

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Registration is now closed. 

If you still want to join a course, you can try to write us an email at: