Level Placement

When will the next Level Placement for Lindy Hop courses take place?

Date: Wednesday, 14th of December

Time: 16.30 - 18.40

Book a spot here


Is it necessary to register for Level Placement?

Yes, you must book a spot to participate in the Level Placement. 

We will charge 50kr for taking the Level Placement. This is only to cover the salary of the teachers who we are paying for their work (the studio doesn't make any money running the Level Placement.

Please note that your booking is only final when we have received your payment!

Please pay 50kr to our Mobilpay Number: 266118
or with a bank transfer to our bank account: 5323 0000250322


How will it work?

You will dance with one of our teachers and will afterwards be advised what level is best for you. You will also receive a short feedback on your dancing - like a little mini private lesson.  It will take approx. 10 min per person.

Please arrive at least 20min before your spot, since we might have cancellations. You can use the time to warm up and dance a bit in the Alhambra room, while you wait for your turn.


Do I need to come with a partner?

No. You will be dancing with one of our teachers, so you don't need to come with a partner.


Should i register for the course i am interesting in taking before coming to Level Placement?

Solo followers and leaders might want to register for the chosen course even before the Level Placement date, to secure their spot in class. If you register and pay for a course, but are later advised to register for another level, you can of course choose to transfer your registration the other course, or get a refund in case it clashes with your schedule.
If you want to sign up with a specific partner, you can waiting with signing up for a course until after Level Placement.


Do I need to come to Level Placement again if I want to continue taking classes on Swing 7 / Swing 8 next round?

No. Once you have been accepted to Swing 7 or Swing 8, you can continue taking classes on this level in the future rounds as well, without having to come to Level Placement again.

If you want to move up from Swing 7  to Swing 8 though, you will need to come to Level Placement again.