Solo Jazz

Learn the popular Authentic Jazz & Charleston moves from the golden era of jazz 





Classes start:
    Thursday the 11th of January

Registration opens:
Friday the 22nd of December



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Happy Feet Studio,
Ørnevej 33, København NV

Course Description

Solo Jazz Basics is a solo dance class, where we will look into the basic Authentic Jazz and Charleston moves. You will learn moves such as Suzy Q, Shorty George, Boogie Back, Boogie Forward, Fall of the Log, Tacky Annie, Cow Tail, Bees Knees, Itches etc., and you will learn how to mix them together into short solo routines.”.

Level Guidance

You don't need any prior dance experience to join this class. But if you have danced swing or another dance before, then that's of course an advantage.

Watch Solo Jazz


Show performed by Sheila Bouten and Katharina Duarte at The Swing Challenge 2017