Learn Solo Jazz

Learn the popular Authentic Jazz moves from the golden era of jazz

Level description


A beginners course to the wonderful world of Solo Jazz dancing, where we will look into the basic Authentic Jazz and Charleston moves. You will learn moves such as Suzy Q, Shorty George, Boogie Back, Boogie Forward, Fall of the Log, Tacky Annie, Bees Knees, Itches etc., and you will learn how to mix them together into short solo routines.

Focus points in Round 1, 2024 (January – February):

This coming round of Solo Jazz Beginner will be taught by Javier, who is also our Tap dance teacher. In class, you will learn many of the most classic jazz steps, like Suzie Q, Fall of the log, Boogie forward and back, Apple Jacks and Charleston. You will also learn to do the legendary jazz routine: The Shim Sham.

Level Guidance

You don’t need any prior dance experience to join this course. But if you have danced swing or another dance before, then that’s of course an advantage.


Solo Jazz Improvers is a continuation course for those who already know the basic solo jazz moves. You will be introduced to more advanced moves and variations, as well as transitions between them.

Focus points in Round 1, 2024 (January-February):

This coming round of Solo Jazz Improvers will be taught by Alexander. The theme of the course will be Improvisation and musicality.
In this course you will extend your jazz vocabulary and go through a ton of the most common and most fun solo moves. We will also focus on how you can use those steps to improvise with creativity and musicality.

Level Guidance

You need to have completed the Solo Jazz Beginners course to be able to join this class. However, it’s strongly recommended to take the Solo Jazz Beginners course a couple of times before moving on. You should be comfortable with basic solo jazz moves and ready to explore some more technical variations and syncopated rhythms.

If you come from another school, you should have at least 2 months of solo jazz experience to be able to join this class.

Next round of classes
6th of March – 4th of May

Next Round of classes

8th of January – 29th of February

Registration for all courses is now open!

What is Solo Jazz?

Solo jazz, also called Vernacular Jazz or Authentic Jazz is often referred to as dancing without a partner, as opposed to dancing with a partner (as traditionally done in i.e. lindy hop, shag and blues). The dance itself has had many influences, mainly from dances invented and danced from the 1920’s – 1950’s: from cakewalks to Charleston, Lindy Hop, Blues and beyond.

Classes will focus on increasing your body awareness, improving quality of movement while appreciating musicality and rhythm. Working on your solo movements goes a great way towards improving your partnered dancing.

Recommended shoes for Solo Jazz

Flat shoes will be the best choice, preferably with a bit slidey sole and with a padded/cushioned insole, for better comfort. For beginners, regular sneakers would often be enough (just check if you can slide and turn in them without getting stuck or making a squeak sound on the floor).

If you want to invest in proper dance shoes,
try one of these brands:

They are all based in  Europe, and they all have options for women and men.

Open Practice

Come and practice material from your class during Open Practice. It’s free  and open for everyone! Consider bringing a partner to dance with though. 

Swing Music

We have collected some of our favorite swing  songs, which are good for  practicing, and we put them together in a Spotify playlist 


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