Learn Tap

An expressive dance, where you make music with your feet

Level description

Level Guidance

No previous experience required. We go through basic steps, we dance some nice choreographies, and we introduce you to the very beginning of improvisation.

Level Guidance

This is for you who already have tried tap, and you feel confident in executing basic steps as shuffles and flaps. You can follow the music and maybe you want to bang the floor by your own.

Level Guidance

You have already tap danced for one good year, and you want to improve and try different styles and rhythms. You have a basic understanding of tap musicality and improvisation.

Level Guidance

You have been tap dancing for 2-3 years and you have a good library of steps, rhythms, tap music structure, you are quick to learn new material, and you are familiar with some improvisation.

Next round of classes
6th of March – 4th of May

Next Round of classes

Summer workshops in July
All through July, you can take exciting dance workshops at Happy Feet Studio! You can choose between 3-5 workshops per week, in various swing dances ☀️
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Weekly courses

Starting from August 5th, we will offer new weekly courses
in Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz and Tap.

Registration will open in mid July.

What is Tap?

Tap is perhaps the kind of dance that – thanks to Hollywood’s film industry – has created the most dance lovers in the world. Tap comes mainly from the mix of African and European cultures in the United States, and it has developed hand in hand with jazz.

It is actually a social dance and we make the music with our feet. Tap community is growing more and more all over the world and there are many festivals year round, where we meet, dance and share our love for tap. Tap is culture, it is art, it is fun and everybody loves it!

Recommended shoes for Tap

  • Our teacher, Xavier, recommends the Capezio cg55 for it is a good and reliable start shoe.

  • In Dansemessen the Capezios are 650kr. Capezio is discontinuing this model and it will be replaced by the Cadence Tap Shoe CG19.

  • In Stræk og Bøj the Blochs Bloch BS0301M (male) and Bloch BS0301L (female) are also a good option for 699kr.

  • Cheaper models are not good and cannot be recommended.

  • In Dansbutiken (Sweden) they have a more expensive model, which is also very good: Bloch BS0313M (male) and BS0313L (female).
  • Choose always shoes in Oxford classic style, like the Capezios and Blochs mentioned above The shoes should feel tight. That means no extra space for your foot inside the shoe.

  • High heels taps are not for beginners.

  • Sometimes you can get second hand shoes on Den Blå Avis.

  • Ask Xavier for advice if you find second hand shoes
  • Danse Messen
    Julius Thomsens Gade 12 1632 København V

  • Stræk og Bøj
    Silkegade 7, 1113 København K

  • Ballet Boutique
    Peder Skramsgade 10, 1054 København K.
  • Capezio Europe

  • Dansbutiken

  • Bloch.uk

Open Practice

Come and practice material from your class during Open Practice. It’s free  and open for everyone! Consider bringing a partner to dance with though. 

Swing Music

We have collected some of our favorite swing  songs, which are good for  practicing, and we put them together in a Spotify playlist 


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